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What do you think will happen in a project if there are good developers, QA, leads? Will it be successful?

The majority of you may say yes, why not? But what If I told you there’s a 50–50 chance that it may or may not be successful?

1. Requirement changes

The first thing that we must accept is the fact that the developers coding for the project are human beings and we get tired and frustrated.

And we have a personal life outside the office hours too

Yes, we want to do a good job, but if the manager or BA keeps on…


This post should not be taken as a piece of legal advice, I am not an immigration expert nor an immigration lawyer, so it’s best to get an advice of an immigration expert as they can guide you better.

Many developers these days want to know how they can work abroad and have questions like

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Let's understand why requirement analysis is so important, we all know it is important but why????

Why can’t we just go ahead and write the code for the requirement that’s in front of us?

If we get stuck we have StackOverflow, Google, or some blogs for sure so who cares about requirement analysis let’s save some time and jump into coding right away and get this feature done 👍.

If you agree with what you just read then my friend let me break it to you, the software world does not work like that.

What would be the quality of…

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When we have two similar looking views we often think of creating a reusable view like

I will create a UIView and then use that UIView in both of my controllers problem solved

and you may pat on your back for thinking about re-usability here coz why not. (object-oriented vibes)

This may work for few cases but I hate to break it for you “It’s not a wise move my friend

By reusing the same view at two places we may have solved the issue for now, but sooner or later if client adds a new feature saying

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Very often we encounter a situation in our project where we want to make multiple API calls serially (one after the other). You will make an API call wait for the response and process the response as per your business use case and then trigger the next API call.

Some may suggest using the Operation queue’s addDependency function or serial queues for this task.

But there’s just one small surprise waiting for you when you go with either of the approaches and the name of the surprise is URLSession.

URLSession carries out its operation in a separate background thread and…

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It’s a new day and today you decided that you are going to streamline your life, you are going to take control, be the boss of your destiny and so what you do is you write certain goals on a piece of paper or on a to-do list app which says you are going do XYZ or you are going to achieve ABC in next 6 months.

The feeling of joy and happiness we get after we write those goals is amazing because you start to feel that you are slowly controlling your life and molding it into the direction…

Recently WhatsApp rolled out its new policy update and everyone started seeing the above in-app alert in their WhatsApp messenger. For now, you can choose to ignore this alert but if you don’t tap on the agree button by Feb 8th, 2021 you will no longer be able to use WhatsApp.

After seeing this alert everyone started deleting their WhatsApp account and started shifting to new messaging platforms.

But what has caused these users to shift from a platform they been using for such a long period of time?

In this post, we will do a step by step walkthrough…

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This is part 2 of the interview question, if you have not seen part 1 of the interview questions, I request you to please check that out as well.

When we give interviews, we are either asked theory questions and sometimes there’s practical or called a machine test, in this post I will cover some of those questions

I have divided the questions into three parts for the different skill set of developers, but I would recommend going through all of them for better chances of cracking the theory and machine test

Note: Some questions are marked with Task which…

A wise man once said that life will teach you a lesson at the right time and sometimes those lessons are painful but needed the most to mold us into a better person.

As a child, we were dependent on our parents, but when we start earning we get a sense of independence, now we can get whatever we like or want and we often find our parents saying

“Don’t spend money on things you don’t need”

When my earnings were less I used to manage everything including saving a good portion of my salary savings, but soon after my salary increased I was tempted and curious to…

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When I was a student doing my graduation, I was not very sure what should I do OR what technology should I select, luckily I had good mentors to help me out and I choose .net to begin with and was helped and nurtured by my mentors to be a better developer.

But not all students are lucky as me, I know a few of my friends who paid a huge amount of 35,000 INR in institutes who over-promised and under-delivered.

Many such institutes are just there to do fake promises and their only motive is to grab your hard-earned…


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