Should I delete my WhatsApp account now?

Whatsapp is already sharing user information with Facebook since August 2016

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Every app collects user data

  1. What browser or Mobile app you are using
  2. Your IP address
  3. Your location
  4. The transaction you are making during the session
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With the new policy changes will Whatsapp or Facebook read my chat or record my video calls?

What information will be sent from WhatsApp to Facebook after Feb 8th?

The screenshots are from the apple app store

Why should I shift to other platforms where I don’t have anyone to talk to?

If a company wants to improve its service then it will collect diagnostic logs or what we call crash reports and will improve their code or performance bugs in their software than spying on their end-user for no reason.

The question arises should a company have this much information about you? And should your government allow apps to collect such information about you in the name of improving their “services”?

What are the other options that I have?

Secret chats are always encrypted, default chats are not


Telegram groups


Telegram file share limit


Information collected by Telegram

Signal offers end-to-end encryption by default


Signal groups


Information collected by the signal app

Privacy is a very serious topic and must be taken seriously, it’s your private space don’t let it be some corporate companies playground.



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