Why just writing down your goals never work

It’s a new day and today you decided that you are going to streamline your life, you are going to take control, be the boss of your destiny and so what you do is you write certain goals on a piece of paper or on a to-do list app which says you are going do XYZ or you are going to achieve ABC in next 6 months.

The feeling of joy and happiness we get after we write those goals is amazing because you start to feel that you are slowly controlling your life and molding it into the direction that you want to take it to.

Let me tell you one thing writing goals on a paper or a to-do list means nothing unless you associate that goal with actions.

You have to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

If your goal is to be physically fit or to learn a new language or practice singing then just writing them on a piece of paper is meaningless until you plan the necessary actions associated with your goals.

You simply cannot write your goals like I will be a better programmer after 10 months and do nothing.

An athlete just does not write goals to win a gold medal in the Olympics, they take necessary actions associated with their goals.

So when someone asks me how did I become a better programmer, I respond by saying I worked hard and I practiced a lot and sometimes even gave online exams for data structure and some quiz for the programming language I was learning every single day.

Even though you practice hard and do all the right things there will be times when we fail, and it’s okay because as the saying goes “a person learns a lot from his failure than from success”

Embrace your failures and learn from them, don’t be sad if you failed in an interview or a test, be happy because you have found an area to improve yourself upon and be better than your past self.

A person who tries and fails is better than a person who does not try at all.

Sometimes we also fail because we set unrealistic goals. An unrealistic goal is the main reason why many fail to achieve their goals and become sad and I have also seen people making too many goals and then they lose track of all of them.

Don’t try to juggle too many eggs at once because the eggs will drop and break.

Be more practical and realistic when you are writing down your goals. See if you have all the tools with you to measure your progress and make adjustments as you go.

If your plan A does not work then don’t change the goal, learn what went wrong in plan A and based on those learning create a plan B.

I hope you achieve your goals with the best results in the coming days, stay focused and stay disciplined.

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